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Access to dental care is a key component to good health. In most cases, tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented with proper care and treatment. Unfortunately, many families do not have health coverage for dental care or the means to pay for it.
To fill this gap in services, Cabin Creek Health Systems provides low-cost dental care at our Clendenin Health Center. To make our services accessible to as many as possible our fee structure is based on a sliding scale.

Dental Care at Cabin Creek

Dental Care is offered at the Clendenin location of Cabin Creek Health Systems under the care of Dr. Hillary Homburg.

Dental Services Offered:
The mouth is the gateway to the entire body. It is very important to keep a healthy mouth. It is recommended that all children have their first dental visit by age one. Routine teeth cleanings are then recommended at least twice each year to prevent cavities, gingivitis and other gum disease.
Dental sealants can be an effective way to prevent cavities and tooth decay.
Flouride treatments
X Rays
Amalgam Fillings(silver) or Composite Fillings(white)
Fillings are used to repair the damage that cavities or external trauma can cause to your teeth. Fillings restore function to the missing tooth structure and help prevent further damage to your tooth.
: Dental extraction is a procedure used to remove a tooth. Extractions can result from tooth decay that has progressed beyond the point of restoration.
Dentures and Partials
Anterior Root Canals
Crown and Bridge work
Emergency dental care
Referrals as needed
Payment Options Include:
Private insurance – Medicaid – WV Chip – Sliding Fee Scale based on income, with discounts up to 50% available.
Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted.
Major restorative services, including crowns, partials and dentures are not included in the sliding-fee scale payment option.

Why is Dental Health so Important?

Prevention and early detection are the keys to a healthy smile! Regular evaluations and cleanings can lead to simpler, less expensive treatments.

Tooth decay and gum disease are preventable conditions that can cause many health issues if left untreated. Prolonged oral infections can cause pain and difficulty eating, low self-esteem, and even speech and learning problems. They can also stress your immune system and lower your resistance to other infections.
Tooth disease is now the leading chronic infectious disease of children, surpassing asthma. More than 40 million children in the U.S., or 84 percent, have had dental disease by the time they are 17 years old.
In adults, tooth loss has been linked to dementia and poor pregnancy outcomes; tooth decay may also increase the risk of heart disease, and diabetes and gum disease together can greatly complicate blood sugar control.