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Cabin Creek Health System’s pharmacies accept all prescription drug insurances, and also have programs for those people covered by prescription drug plans.
You can get your prescriptions at the time of your visit, or ask your provider to send us the prescription and we will mail it to you, at no extra charge, the same day.

Paying for Prescriptions

Cabin Creek Health Systems is part of a federal program that buys medicines for much less than most other pharmacies. This savings is passed on to the customer.

If you have Medicare Part D, we offer programs that can help save on your monthly medicine bill. Check with the staff at one of our pharmacies to see if you qualify.
CCHS has partnered with PEIA to cut out-of-pocket costs. If you are a CCHS patient and use our pharmacies, you will save at least $5.00 on your medicine co-pays on each prescription you get. This includes the 90-day maintenance program offered by PEIA.
Need to pay for your prescriptions?
Our sliding-fee scale on prescriptions could save you as much as 70% on what you’ve been currently paying at your local drugstore. This scale covers both brand name and generic drugs, and is available right now through CCHS Pharmacy in Dawes and Riverview Pharmacy in Clendenin.
In addition to the sliding-fee discount, we also offer several programs for uninsured patients that help them get some of the higher-cost brand name medicines like Lipitor, Nexium, and Singulair for as little as $4.00 per month.

Prescriptions by Mail

If you are a patient at Cabin Creek Health Systems, you can contact one of our pharmacies about having your medications mailed to you.

The following requirements must be met in order to take advantage of the prescriptions by mail program.
Be a patient at one of our clinics
Have a current address on file
Pay for medication before they can be mailed
There are several benefits to using CCHS’s prescriptions by mail program such as:
Less travel to the pharmacy
Shipping is free
You never have to worry about getting to the pharmacy before they close
You can call in your prescription numbers to the automated system and leave a message or payment information on the pharmacy voicemail
Your medications are delivered directly to your home or Post Office Box