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The Cabin Creek Health Systems offers an excellent learning environment for students from a variety of health profession disciplines. CCHS has experienced medical staff members who are committed to community service and who have gained competence in clinical teaching.

For many years the CCHS has had a collaborative relationship with many of the health professional training programs throughout WV and the country. The organization offers rotations for medical, pharmacy, dental, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, psychology, and social work students. To schedule a rotation at one of the Cabin Creek Health Systems sites please contact John Rice, Learning Health Center Clinical Coordinator.

Learning objectives for students on their community health rotation include the following:

  • Describe the community health center and how it fits into the medical home system.
  • Appreciate the role of the care team and understand each team member’s role when dealing with certain patient populations.
  • Determine the accuracy of a patient’s medical record and correct errors.
  • Understand and use the principles of motivational interviewing when working with patients who need to make behavioral changes.
  • Recognize the process and principles of integrated behavioral health care.
  • Appreciate the use of health screenings in primary care.
  • Utilize CCHS pathways when appropriate when seeing patients.

Central Counties Area Health Education Center

The AHEC program helps bring the resources of academic medicine to address local community needs.

The Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) program was developed by Congress in 1971 to recruit, train and retain a health professions workforce committed to rural populations.
CCHS operates the Central Counties Area Health Education Center (AHEC) that serves the counties of Kanawha, Clay, Roane, and Jackson. The Central Counties AHEC focuses its attention on the following initiatives:
Enhancing the access to quality health care through the development and implementation of quality improved projects, particularly those that focus on innovation in primary care.
Promoting the improved education through the implementation of continuing education opportunities.
Advocating for better health policy for residents of WV.
Please direct AHEC student rotation questions to Donna Bush at (304) 465 – 2389 or donna.bush@nrhawv.org.

Emory University Nell Hodgson School of Nursing

Since the summer of 2010 the Cabin Creek Health Systems has been fortunate to partner with the Emory University Nell Hodgson School of Nursing on their Rural Immersion Project.

“Listen to your patients. Listen and they will tell you what is wrong with them. And if you listen long enough they will even tell you what will make them well.” A quote from an oral history specialist who worked with the Emory students.
Since the summer of 2010 the Cabin Creek Health Systems has been fortunate to partner with the Emory University Nell Hodgson School of Nursing on their Rural Immersion Project. Every summer 8 – 10 nursing students travel, along with their professor Dr. Carolyn Clevenger, to spend 10 days with the organization learning about rural health and healthcare in central Appalachia.
While the students spend a portion of their time in the clinical setting the majority of their work is spent helping the organization with a Quality Improvement (QI) initiative. The students QI initiatives have focused on how taking oral histories could be of use to patients with difficult chronic conditions, including how to keep these patients from being readmitted to the hospital.
Cabin Creek is proud to collaborate with the Emory University School of Nursing and enjoys hosting these students every summer!