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Your Care Team is available 24/7 if you need them.
You can communicate with your care team by phone or email; and you can get an appointment quickly, even on the same day when needed.
Your Care Team knows you and your health history.
We ask you to share your health concerns and goals as well as past medical services you have received.
Your Care Team helps you understand your health condition and how to take care of yourself.
We help you sort through your options and make decisions about your care that are best for you.
Your Care Team coordinates your care.
We follow-up if you receive hospital services and we will coordinate care with your specialist physician. Let us know when you use other medical services.
Eliminating Financial Barriers to Care:
Let us know if cost is a barrier to healthcare for you. CCHS honors and bills almost all insurers including Medicaid and Medicare and we will help you apply for our sliding fee discount program and other programs that cut financial barriers to care. These include:
The Community Access Program (CAP) which provides free or discounted hospital services.
CHIP and Medicaid for uninsured children, pregnant women and others
The Family Planning Program and
The women’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening program.

Evidence of our Commitment:

CCHS selected as an Exemplar Primary Care Practice