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Cabin Creek Health Systems seeks eager and enthusiastic health care professionals to join the team and help bring quality health care to rural West Virginia.

We asked some of our staff to provide a short answer to the question, “Why do you enjoy working at CCHS?”. Below are the responses.

Jill Fields, PA-c: Continual professional development to follow evidence-based medicine to improve patient outcomes as well as large vision for community health (and great group of coworkers!)

Shana Wandling, FNP: The support of management and the feeling of accomplishment that you are helping an underserved population.

Jerad Bailey, PharmD: Being in a setting where we are able to offer unique assistance to patients that need it the most and input from the pharmacy team is both appreciated and encouraged.

Anne Berry, MD: Working as part of an organization where everyone, starting at the top with the administration, is continually looking for new ideas to help decrease barriers to good health in underserved areas and improve the health of the communities we serve.

Kc Lovin, PA-C: Clinical, Community and Research support from CCHS Administration. The opportunity to practice in a collaborative care setting that includes Behavioral Health, Pharmacy, and Dental.

Mitch Jacques, MD: The genuine commitment of CCHS to improve the health of the patients and communities we serve.

Dan Doyle, MD: For me, the best part is knowing I am somewhere that I can really make a difference … for patients, for families, and for the community.

Emily Selby-Nelson, PsyD: CCHS administration, staff, and patients all acknowledge and prioritize holistic treatment, and value the importance and necessity of integrated behavioral health services. As an early career psychologist, I have felt supported, respected, and encouraged to develop and advance what I value professionally (psychological intervention, clinical program development, the education of future behavioral health professionals, and research to enhance services for our patients).

Betsy Kent, MSW, LICSW: Doing work that serves others. Lots of great patients who are so rewarding to know.

Rose Ann Hefner, CSJ, LPC, LSW: The concern for quality care for patients, the quality of the other staff, the innovative spirit of the administration, and the ongoing supportive education opportunities.

Consider joining our team. For more information, use our contact form.