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Cabin Creek Health Systems offers a sliding fee discount program.  The sliding fee discounts are available to patients who are unable to pay because they are uninsured and they meet the household income/size guidelines.  The discounts are also available to patients who are insured who meet these income guidelines.  In the case of insured patients, the sliding fee payment levels are for the portion of the allowed service charge not covered by the insurer and for which the patient would normally be responsible. Once approved for sliding fee, coverage is valid for one year.  Patients must re-certify every year to maintain coverage.

Patient household income determines the level of sliding fee discount.  The levels of sliding fee discounts are summarized on following Table A below. These levels are used to determine the level of discounts provided for medical and dental services, for prescription medications provided at CCHS pharmacies and for pulmonary rehabilitation services. Reference laboratory tests patient fees are waived by the reference lab for patients whose income meet the eligibility guidelines.

Medical services include: clinic visits and behavioral health services.  Dental services include: most emergency diagnostic, preventative, and basic restorative services (examinations, restorations, extractions, x-rays, posterior composites).  Does not apply to fixed/removable prosthodontic services (crowns, bridge and denture services, periodontal therapy, and cosmetic procedures).

TABLE A:   Discounts for CCHS Services Per Sliding Fee Level

Sliding Fee Levels Nominal fee or Co-Pay For Medical Visit Nominal fee or % Co-Pay for Dental Services Discount for  Prescribed Meds Nominal Fee or Co-Pay for 2 Hr. Pul. Rehab.Session
A $10 $25 $5/Rx for designated Meds or approx. 60% of usual price $1
B $15 25% $2
C $15 50% $3
D $20 75% $5
E $25 75% $5
F $30 75% $5


Please complete the CCHS Discount Program Application and attach copies of proof of income.    Acceptable proof of income includes: wage statement, social security check or benefit letter, SNAP Benefit letter, alimony check, child support check, food stamp voucher, Unemployment Weekly Benefit Letter, financial assistance from family member or friend, retirement benefit statements or other income documents you may have.

If you have any questions please contact your CCHS Health Center and ask to speak with our Patient Assistance Representative.  You may mail the completed application with necessary proof of income information to Maria Shamblin, CCHS Patient Assistance Coordinator, Clendenin Health Center, 107 Koontz Ave, Suite 200  Clendenin, WV   25054.  You will be contacted to set up an appointment.

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