Although appointments are preferred, students may be seen on a walk-in basis, depending on the problem and availability of the staff. If necessary, appointments are available before or after school. As a service for our primary care patients we offer after hour’s phone access to an on-call provider on evenings, weekends, and vacations. You can reach the after hours services by dialing 1.800.798.0280.

Confidentiality between the student, parents and the health center is assured. The staff will encourage every student to involve his/her parent/guardian in health care decisions. Since one purpose of healthcare is to reduce high risk behaviors of some youth, it is important for the students to feel they can have a confidential relationship with their health care provider. By law, certain information requires the student’s signed consent prior to disclosure to anyone, including parents/guardians. This also assures development of trust between students and the health center.

Billing & Costs
No student will be denied access to health care services due to inability to pay. As in any health center, there may be a charge depending on the service provided. When available, insurance or Medicaid will be billed. Patients/parents are not responsible for insurance co-pays and unmet deductible amounts; however, labs will be billed separately by a private laboratory company and the remainder of the lab’s bills will be the responsibility of the patient/parents. Families with private insurance may also qualify for some programs to assist with the cost of care. Information about various programs and how to apply is available from the health center staff. In order to provide the most effective quality of care for our uninsured patients we are asking that each child apply for Medicaid or CHIP. If you are denied we ask that a copy your denial letter be sent to the office, so we can try to enroll you in other patient assistance programs. If we do not receive a denial letter from you, you will receive a bill. The SBHC depends upon the ability to collect payment from your insurance carrier in order to maintain the current hours of the SBHC.

Staff at school-based health centers includes highly qualified and experienced health care providers. Providers are generally medical doctors, psychologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants. Together, these providers work in collaboration to assist you and your child with overall healthcare needs. We are available and eager to communicate with parents at any time. As a center, we want to hear your concerns and will be happy to keep you updated on your child’s health. Feel free to contact us during office hours. The Pioneer Health Center works with, and is not meant to replace, your family doctor and school nurse.

RoseAnn Hefner, CSJ, MS, LPC
RoseAnn Hefner, CSJ, MS, LPC
Rose Ann Hefner graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University with a BA in Sociology and from Loyola College in Maryland with a MS in PastoralCounseling. Since 1998 she has worked at Kanawha Pastoral Counseling Center in Charleston, WV. She has served part time as a Behavioral Health Consultant
for Cabin Creek Health System for 4 years. She has a variety of experiences working with families, children, couples and individuals. She has Certificates as a National Certified Gambling Counselor and as a Spiritual Director.
Catherine (Cammy) Kitchen, PA-C
Catherine (Cammy) Kitchen, PA-C
Catherine Kitchen, graduated from the Child Health Associate Program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1999 after earning a BA in Psychology from the University of South Florida. My professional goal is to empower students by living and promoting a healthy lifestyle.