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The Breathing Center at Cabin Creek’s Dawes location is a comprehensive pulmonary function facility that incorporates The Grace Anne Dorney Pulmonary Rehab clinic and a federally approved Black Lung Center. Cabin Creek Breathing Center provides broad services for pulmonary testing and rehabilitation.

Services include:

Pulmonary Rehab
Oxygen qualifications and requalifications
Asthma Action Plans
DIAL Group (Drop-In Appointment for Lungs) 2nd Tuesday of the month at 3:00, no appt required
Pulmonary Rehab Maintenance Program, every day  from 11:30-12:30 for PR graduates and one family member
Pulmonary Function Testing
Tobacco Cessation Counseling
Medication and Oxygen use instruction/education
Federal and State Black Lung Counseling
Simple spirometry
DOT Physicals

Pulmonary Rehab Program

During our 12-week program, our professional staff monitors each patient closely and adjusts the goals to fit each patient’s individual needs.

The program is simple and powerful. It has three basic parts:
1. A complete medical history and physical evaluation with testing to measure breathing capacity;
2. Education of patients and family members regarding the nature of breathing problems and how patients can better manage their disease; and…
3. Mild, supervised exercise therapy to improve muscle conditioning, heart fitness and breathing.

Knowledge is essential to take control of your breathing problem. You will learn:
• How your breathing system works;
• Exercises to improve your breathing;
• Proper use of medications;
• Relaxation techniques;
• How your diet impacts your breathing;
• Understanding medical test results; and
• How to stop smoking
Our goals are to help patients to reach their maximum potential to participate in all activities of daily living, minimize episodes of feeling breathless, and reduce the need for hospital care.

Black Lung Clinic

The Cabin Creek Breathing Center includes a certified Black Lung Clinic for West Virginia. We offer benefits application assistance as well as pulmonary treatment.

1. Call The Breathing Center for an appointment to be evaluated.

2. Complete a breathing test to check lung function

3. Obtain a B-Reader Chest X-Ray

4. Then, our doctor will meet with you to determine if you have Black Lung. We will help you determine if you can apply for benefits

1. Schedule appointment with our Breathing Center.

2. It will help if you bring in the information needed to file, including:

  • Employment history
  • If you previously filed a State OP claim, bring your award or denial letter.
  • Marriage License and spouses SSN and DOB.
  • If you have dependent children, bring birth certificate, SSN, and DOB for each child.

3. We’ll help you file your claim.